November Well-Being Tips

Posted: November 15, 2021 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Is Physician Work/Life Balance Dead? With technology making 24-hour availability of clinicians a reality, many think so. This PhysicianSense blog from MDLinx offers a new way to look at the 168 hours each of us has in a week. It discusses how to apportion those hours in a way that best serves our interests, our families, our work, and ourselves.
  • Playing Soccer Can Improve Mental Health – Really? Is Physician Work/Life Balance Dead?Improved cardio, less depression, and an outlet for social interaction were three top benefits of kicking around a ball in new research published in the Journal of Mental Health. Since this is a United Kingdom publication, soccer is their football. Either sport can be applied!
  • Five Doctors Share How They Relax. We know that stresses on health care practitioners come from a wide range of sources, including the increase of time-intensive administrative tasks. So, while administrators work on solutions, we can take care of ourselves by tapping into stress-relievers that are meaningful to us. These are just five examples – what are yours? Join our private LinkedIn group and share your stories.