Employers & Health Plan Members

A healthy, motivated workforce is good for business. We connect your employees with innovative health care options, and help you create a culture of wellness.

Valley Preferred is not a health insurance company or an insurance plan. We are your connection to a time-honored partnership of doctors and hospitals dedicated to improving health care quality, value, and effectiveness in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding region.

Valley Preferred Offers:

For employers:

  • Quality care, backed by value based care collaborations
  • Access to a network of participating providers to limit out-of-pocket expenses
  • Employee Wellness Programs and Mental Health Resources – Complement your employee medical plan with programs that keep your employees safe, help them achieve their health and wellness goals, and support behavioral health issues.
  • Population Health Management – Get a clear picture of how your workforce is utilizing benefits and strengthen your plan design. With data from Populytics, employers are equipped to make informed decisions and create cost-effective solutions for the company and your employees.
  • A network of engaged and aligned physicians, clinicians, and APCs with the common goal of optimizing health care experiences for patients and consumers.

For our health plan members:

  • Access to a multi-county network of high-quality health care providers
  • No need to select a primary care physician (unless required/dictated by employer health plan design)
  • No referrals required for specialist visits

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