November Well-Being Tips

Posted: November 15, 2022 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • How to Calm Down. How do you truly unwind your mind? Research suggests several practices that not only help us feel good but also put us into a calmer, more relaxed state—a state from which we can better cope with whatever life throws at us. This article from Greater Good Magazine discusses the four most important things to remember about finding a sense of calm in a chaotic world.
  • 5 Ways to Survive Your Next Family Gathering. Emotional drama is hard on mental health. While some families can enjoy a stress-free holiday, others may settle into old, undesirable patterns once family members come together. This article from offers strategies for coping, including finding the humor in offbeat family dynamics.
  • Giving Up the High-Calorie Thanksgiving Dinner. Who says you have to put a pound of butter in the mashed potatoes and eat until you can hardly move? There’s a better way. Mayo Clinic has put together a list of recipes that fit right into the holiday profile without adding tons of calories and are lighter on your metabolism. Maintaining a wholesome diet is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and be at your best.