March Well-Being Tips

Posted: March 15, 2022 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Mindfulness Moments in the Operating Room. In the Lenox Hill Hospital OR, physicians and staff practice mindfulness before procedures to center themselves and focus on their work. They also use these moments to learn about the “person behind the patient.” Watch the short video.
  • Social Support is Important to Well-Being. According to this Mayo Clinic article, having friends and family has far-reaching benefits for your health. It explains how to build and maintain these essential relationships, including reaching out through social networking sites.
  • My Victory Over Burnout. Jamian Reed, DO, discovered things like caffeine dependence and “passively flooding the senses with the experiential-equivalent of empty calories in the form of streaming video and social media” were maladaptive coping habits he had to get rid of before coming to terms with his job-related fatigue.