July Well-Being Tips

Posted: July 15, 2022 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Make the Best of Summer Produce. This Food & Wine article gives you innovative recipes for the fresh vegetables and fruits coming out of gardens this month. You’ll have plenty of choices for your get-together on the patio. You can buy produce at Kellyn Mobile Market, now circulating between six LVHN campuses. Also, use this directory to find farmers markets throughout PA.
  • Eight Reasons to Love Cycling. Those who are successful at exercise often find ways to incorporate it into their daily routine. For example, why wait until you have time for a bike ride? Cycle to the grocery store for light trips or pedal to work. You’ll be refreshed and already worked out when you get there!
  • What’s the Healthiest Drinking Water? Filtered or spring? Artesian or alkaline? While we all know that hydrating is essential, it can be difficult to decide which water is more beneficial. This CNN Health article sorts through the river of information about kinds of water on the market and offers clarity on what’s really most important.