April Well-Being Tips

Posted: April 15, 2023 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Bouncing Back from Burnout. Elizabeth Scarlett, MA, RP, in collaboration with her co-founder Dr. Julia Moore, created the Behavior Elevation Academy to provide practical solutions for the prevention and management of burnout. Here they explore the three spectrums of burnout, and what strategies make the most sense for each. Read about their THRIVE method, which offers five basic principles toward prevention.
  • Surprise! Yoga is Not About Flexibility. Physical flexibility is not a requirement or even the goal of practicing yoga. The benefits of yoga extend far beyond touching your toes or standing on your head. They can include helping you sleep better, feel better, and manage your stress. This article from the Mayo Clinic’s Living Well talks about the underlying benefits of yoga and mindfulness.
  • How is Gardening like Mental Health? Earth Day in April reminds us how precious our natural world is. It’s also the time many of us start digging in the dirt and begin the process of growing our own vegetables and flowers. If we expand our perspective a bit and look at mental health the same way we manage our garden, it’s easy to understand why we need to plant, weed, and prune. Dr. Marlene Boas explains in this short video from CBS Pittsburgh.