Provider & Payer Services

Delegated Credentialing and Insurance Enrollment

Jolene Hahn, MBA, CPCS
Director of Provider and Payer Services

Easing burdens for physicians and providers is an important part of Valley Preferred’s concept of support. Our Provider & Payer Services team is devoted to handling the entire enrollment and credentialing process, effectively helping to bolster clinicians’ focus on providing patient care.

Besides managing the long and tedious enrollment/credentialing life cycle, the team serves as a central link between providers, members, and payers. Our professionals assist with the development of fee schedules, physician hospital contracts, and ancillary contracts, and play a critical role in nurturing payer and network relationships.

The value of this assistance is twofold: It off-loads administrative work from clinicians, and also supports our success with numerous payers and the value based risk contracts in which we are involved.

Support available from Provider and Payer Services:

  • Physician/provider enrollment and resolution of issues
  • Delegated credentialing
  • Payer, contract, and general education – in partnership with Valley Preferred staff
  • Resolution of claims issues
  • Onboarding clinicians