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Members and participants are a part of a dynamic community of professionals dedicated to quality health care and a patient-first philosophy. Upholding the commitments inherent in that effort requires assistance with a wide range of aspects, from technology and education to simply getting what you need for your practice. Our liaison team, consisting of Physician Advocacy Liaisons (PALs) and Quality Improvement Liaisons (QILs) focuses on cultivating relationships with physicians and providers, and supporting the associate medical directors in fulfilling clinical initiatives. PALs are ready to help with requests, questions, and information, and are available to visit your practice for one-to-one consultation, either in-person or by virtual outreach sessions. QILs are experts in quality improvement and step up to assist with everything from better meeting quality measures to MIPs applications and EMR utilization. Knowledgeable and experienced in all that falls under the Valley Preferred umbrella, the liaison team is your comprehensive, personal Valley Preferred connection.

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