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A leading clinician-centric Pennsylvania Preferred Provider Organization dedicated to improving health care quality and value.

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Valley Preferred offers a comprehensive array of services and support, backed by the work of physicians, providers, and health care executives who are passionate about providing the best care for patients and helping clinicians succeed.

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We are not a health insurance company or an insurance plan. We are your connection to a partnership of doctors and hospitals dedicated to improving health care quality, value, and effectiveness.

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As health care grows more complex, Valley Preferred grows stronger. We’ve spent three decades coordinating care, and developing strategic relationships to meet these objectives. Working together with hospitals, providers, and insurers, we build pathways to improve care and reduce waste in the system – and have already made a dynamic impact on health care delivery in the region.

Physicians & Providers

We are dedicated to Achieving Clinical Excellence® and the goals of the Quintuple Aim: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, increasing value, advancing health equity, and prioritizing the well-being of physicians and providers.

Employers & Health Plans

A healthy, motivated workforce is good for business. We connect your employees with innovative health care options, and help you create a culture of wellness.

We are the region’s leading preferred provider organization (PPO) is forging new pathways to high quality health care.

Provider Testimonials

  • As a provider-owned health organization, Valley Preferred is run by physicians for physicians. Important decisions affecting the future of our 1,100 members are influenced by peers. Every member has the opportunity to be heard and participate in programs proven to advance the quality of medical care and value for the families we serve here in our home community.

    James W. Manley, DO

    Chair, Lehigh Valley Physician Hospital Organization, Chair, Greater Lehigh Valley Independent Practice Association, Inc., Lehigh Valley Family Practice Associates of America

  • As physicians, we all want to improve the quality of care. As member physicians of Valley Preferred, we are provided with the opportunity and resources to do so. Through the Quality Improvement Project, we are supported in identifying clinical areas for improvement, testing and optimizing changes, and disseminating those learnings to all members. By engaging in this program, my practice has improved several multi-departmental preoperative procedures. Since the Quality Improvement Project was established, dozens of projects have been completed. Many have been put into widespread practice and are making a measurable difference in the quality of local medicine.

    Jennifer L. Stephens, DO, FACP

    Chief Medical Officer, Lehigh Valley Physician Group

  • The leaders at Valley Preferred have been very effective in championing the role of family physicians. One example is how they are making electronic health record (EHR) systems affordable for primary care practices. Valley Preferred has provided funds for the conversion of more local practices. Thanks to this commitment, more primary care practices are able to make this vital upgrade.

    Joseph A. Habig, II, MD

    Associate Medical Director, Valley Preferred, Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley

  • Valley Preferred allows physicians like me to remain independent but stay connected to LVHN and to other providers in a meaningful, exciting way. That applies to everything from education, and questions or problems, to data and information. You can pick up the phone and get immediate access, even to the highest level. Or you can talk to the Physician Advocacy Liaisons, who will get you an answer or connect you with the right resource. For data, there’s the Secure Provider Portal, which is extremely valuable for independent physicians. That portal provides highly useful information that would take countless hours to obtain if we had to do it manually.

    Mark Lobitz, DO

    Family Medicine

  • Valley Preferred has a great history of participation between all its affiliated entities, which comprise both independent and employed providers. Its focus is on helping clinicians engage in the journey toward high quality, value-based care. Great accomplishments have resulted from using data to drive quality and through incentives to reward providers who perform most exceptionally in meeting certain goals and requirements. It’s highly satisfying to sit in on a strategy meeting and see how important the recognition for high quality performance really is to our physicians. Beyond that, as the leader in the important work of payer contracting, Valley Preferred ensures that the needs of clinicians, payers, and Lehigh Valley Health Network are aligned: That’s vital to realizing the best possible outcomes for both our providers and patients.

    Robert X. Murphy Jr., MD, MS, FACS, CPE,

    Executive VP and Chief Physician Executive, LVHN; Board Member, Valley Preferred

  • I have a one-physician family practice and see about 30 patients a day. There’s only so much time but Valley Preferred’s disease management support has enabled me to better utilize my time and increase practice throughout. I have enrolled several patients in the program and the success rating has been 100 percent. They are becoming better self-managers of their own conditions and there has been absolutely no compromise in the patient/physician relationships.

    Kenneth G. Ryder, Jr., MD

    Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley

  • It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re an independent physician in a private practice. Valley Preferred is very attentive. They make me feel like I’m important; like they’re concerned about my practice and want it to do well. And whatever I need, they seem to be able to get it. I’ve done two QI projects and presentations, which were fantastic experiences. When the committee members asked questions afterward, you could tell they were interested. It’s all very worthwhile for the independent physician. The incentive payments are just icing on the cake.

    William Ofrichter, DPM (retired)

    Podiatry Alliance

  • Our practice is now an NCQA-certified Patient-Centered Medical Home, thanks in part to the funding and support of the LVPHO/Valley Preferred. It was a rigorous, intensive experience but fulfilling in terms of the professional pride and the individual excellence for which we strive. As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, we now are seeing the results of better outcomes attributable to our new team approach to patient care.

    Matthew J. Winas, DO, FACP

    LVPG Internal Medicine

  • Ongoing education is a high priority and physicians are compensated for their educational efforts by Valley Preferred. One recent example is a Quality Improvement (QI) course. I completed the course and found it very informative. Of particular interest were the language of QI, how to measure processes and outcomes, and how to account for unforeseen consequences. We’ve had 180 physicians enrolled so far and the feedback has been very positive.

    Glenn S. Kratzer, MD

    Associate Medical Director, Lehigh Valley Physician Hospital Organization/Valley Preferred, Lehigh Valley Internists

Equal Partnership

Equal Partnership

7-County Region

7-County Region

Physicians & APCs

Physicians & APCs

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