November Well-Being Tips

Posted: November 15, 2023 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • An Opportunity to Come Together. With the pain and fear we are feeling in response to world events, LVHN created an “Interfaith Prayer” so people of varying beliefs can recognize and honor our shared humanity. Facilitated by LVHN’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager Jessica Liu, this virtual presentation delivers an inclusive message of hope and creates the sense of community we all need during this time. The access code is 62fHpBME.
  • How to Survive the Night Shift. Join radiologist Michael Cellini, DO, as he describes how he survives his night-shift routine as a fifth-year resident. His tips – gained from experience – on how to care for his health and optimize sleep while meeting his residency requirements may be valuable for anyone whose job keeps them at work after the sun sets.
  • Managing Alcohol During the Holidays. ‘Tis the season when some of us indulge in holiday “spirits.” This December 12 webinar, being presented by Preferred EAP’s Lead Counselor Jenny Reilly, LPC, CADC, will give you the facts regarding what’s considered “low risk” vs. heavy drinking. She will share information related to the health effects of alcohol use as well as the benefits of reducing or quitting alcohol – all in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner.