March Well-Being Tips

Posted: March 15, 2023 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • New Report on Burnout and Depression. Over 9,000 physicians nationwide participated in Medscape’s survey on burnout and depression with more than half reporting they continue to struggle. This 2023 report shows that Covid had an impact, but other issues remain. Learn how these physicians cope. As you know, your mental health is extremely important. Per this report, it can affect not only you but others you care for. If you need help, P4P is a peer counseling program just for clinicians. Contact Preferred EAP to learn more or to schedule a counseling session.
  • The Stand-Sit-Stand Test. Not exactly a science-based evaluation but, according to this article from, this test is an “effective indicator of health because you have to have strong cardiovascular health, good balance, agility, flexibility, and core and leg strength to be able to complete it.“ Why not try it out?
  • Make the Mental Shift to Spring. Call it spring-cleaning your body and mind, or whatever you prefer. If you’re feeling like you need to refocus on your health, let the change of seasons usher in a new perspective and a new approach. This article offers eight tips that may help!