June Well-Being Tips

Posted: June 15, 2021 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Burnout isn’t your fault but you should “own” it.  By definition burnout is an occupational hazard. This Medscape article offers great ideas and suggestions on personal steps you can take to mitigate fatigue and burnout. Its author notes,” If we think that the only solution to addressing physician burnout is fixing the system, we risk internalizing the idea that all solutions are entirely out of our control.”
  • Job No. 1: Find a hobbyPhysicians are typically razor-focused on their patients and their practice. Not the best strategy based on what we now know. In fact, students coming out of med school often discover, “Their ability to find a reliable source of personal wellness either remains underdeveloped or completely unrecognized.” Written by a medical student, this point is enlightening.
  • Mindfulness in 45-minute sessions. Preferred EAP’s mindfulness team has created sessions especially for busy people – like doctors and clinicians. Participants get a brief overview of mindfulness and a professionally guided exercise in each session, scheduled from June through December. Research has shown that mindfulness is associated with a significant reduction in anxiety and distress.