July Well-Being Tips

Posted: July 15, 2021 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Healing Health Care and Health Care Providers. In this pre-recorded podcast, Rick Sheff, MD, Chief Medical Officer of The Greeley Company, shares his personal experience with burnout. An author, teacher, and health care management leader, he discusses spirituality, diverse approaches to medicine, and how to create workstreams that lead to more professional fulfillment.  Stories are powerful! This story will motivate and teach.
  • The Professional Health and Wellness Mini-Portfolio. Self-care and maintaining professional health and wellness are important throughout a provider’s career. This portfolio was developed by the American College of Physicians to help reflect on, document current practices, and envision activities and behaviors that promote self-care and professional health and wellness. It is a practical tool. Take the “Happiness Advantage Challenge” on your own or participate in one of the various resiliency programs offered through Valley Preferred to help promote well-being!
  • The Happy Secret to Better Work. This Ted Talk with Shawn Achor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., is a must see! He summarizes research with positive outliers, explores where human potential, success, and happiness intersect in life, and in medicine. His presentation will reinforce the power of the aforementioned “happiness Advantage.” Humor is powerful and this short video is sure to make you think and to inspire!