January Well-Being Tips

Posted: January 15, 2022 | Category: Well-Being Tips

  • Are New Year’s Resolutions Really Pointless? According to research, we tend to divide our lives into “chapters.” Marked by events or by dates and years, they give us the chance to break from the past. The first day of a new year is psychologically advantageous in the “fresh start effect” and helps to divide past failures from new beginnings.
  • Battling Physician Burnout: A Personal Story. In this podcast, Jillian Horton, MD, an internal medicine physician based in Ontario, talks about her experience with gaining ground over stress and fatigue. While this was recorded in 2021, it’s an insightful and meaningful discussion that also covers the pandemic and medical culture.
  • Recognize the four distinct levels of stress. With the ups and downs of life, stress is common. Especially among health care workers during a crisis like the one continuing to impact us after almost two years. Know where you fall on the “stress continuum” and which tools work best at each level.