Starting a QI Project

We are excited for your interest in leading a quality improvement project! The following information will be essential to your understanding of the program and process.

QI Program Application

Please fill out the attached QI application and return to John Stoeckle and Michael Makela upon completion. Allow 10 days for us to review and return to you with requested revisions/improvements as necessary. We are here to ensure you have a well-thought out, efficiently designed and successful project.

Formal Project Name

Create a formal project name

Planning Team Member Enrollment/Disclosure

List members of your planning team. Your planning team includes your clinical oversight person and any team members, clinical or non-clinical, that contributed to planning the project. We require all planning team members for this QI project to fill out a disclosure prior to project approval and enrolling participants. If you are applying for MOC credit, each planning team member is eligible for Part IV credit, and enrolling will ensure we have the required information to process.

We will share a link with you to share with planning team members to enroll and disclose.

The Valley Preferred QI Program follows ACCME guidance and reserves the right to determine that a project is ineligible due to a conflict of interest, including any perceived conflict of interest.

Project Approval

You will receive approval once you have:

  • Successfully submitted your application AND completed any requested revisions, and
  • After all planning team members have enrolled and disclosed with the link provided.

Recruitment/Enrollment of Participants

If you are recruiting other participants, please share the same link with potential participants. Please ensure that all your participants enroll by the deadline date noted in your application. You must plan time after enrollment is complete for all participants to review their baseline data prior to starting the intervention.

Participant Requirements

Receiving Part IV credit is contingent upon participants meeting the following criteria:

  • Interpreting baseline data and planning intervention
  • Implementing intervention
  • Interpreting post-intervention data and planning changes
  • Implementing further intervention/adjustment
  • Interpreting post-adjustment data and planning changes

Potential Credits for Participants

The following table shows what credits different professionals are eligible to receive:

*DO participants are eligible to submit their project through the AOA board website once the project is complete. We cannot guarantee credit, however we are happy to assist in explaining the submission process.

**NPs receive a certificate of participation from the DOE and submit to their board for approval. We cannot guarantee credit.

***PAs receive their credits from NCCPA through an agreement with ABMS. They receive 50 credits if it is the first performance improvement activity of their cycle, 30 credits if it is not the first.

Additional Performance Improvement CME

This application also serves as approval for additional CME credits for eligible participants through the Department of Education.

ACE Quality Improvement Financial Incentive for Project Leads

You may request consideration of the Valley Preferred ACE QI Incentive program by indicating participation in your application. Please remember this incentive is only for the project lead, or up to 2 project leads, each from different specialties/practices, who significantly contributed to project leadership. To ensure that your project is eligible for this incentive you must wait for approval of your MOC QI project application before implementing your project intervention.

*Please check with QI Program Team for current incentive structure. Incentives are subject to change at any time.


When the project is complete, the Valley Preferred QI Program will verify with you a list of participants who, in your judgment, engaged meaningfully in the project. We will then email them a link to attest to their participation and document lessons learned, which we will share with you once collected.

Final Report

As the project lead, you must submit a final report on the project prior to your project being eligible for Part IV and CME credits. We must receive the completed report by October 31 of a given calendar year for participants to receive Part IV and/or CME credits in that calendar year. For this reason, we encourage you to begin filling this out now, and as you go through the project.

We may check in periodically to monitor your progress. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We wish you a productive continuous improvement journey!

The Valley Preferred QI Program Team

Helpful Documents:

Run Chart Template

Portfolio Program Credit Offered