Laura J. Mertz, CBC

Associate Executive Director

With more than 30 years in provider network development, operations and marketing, Laura is Associate Executive Director for the Lehigh Valley Physician Hospital Organization (LVPHO) and Valley Preferred, and Administrator, Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Populytics. She is responsible for the planning and implementation of strategic marketing, communications and business development for Populytics programs and client services, including BeneFIT’s health education and corporate wellness solutions for employers. Laura also oversees Network and Provider Services, which provides education and support to physicians, facilities and hospitals.

Laura was instrumental in the 1993 formation and subsequent growth of the LVPHO’s preferred provider organization and its public brand, Valley Preferred. She later served as Vice President and General Manager of AllOne Health Management Solutions, national population health and wellness specialists, prior to rejoining LVPHO and Populytics in 2013 to manage resource alignment, clinical infrastructure and communication channels.